The bar exam is scheduled to change!

Welcome to the Next Generation of the Bar Exam.

The Bar exam is changing and we’re adapting along with it. You can count on our law professors, workshops, materials and resources to guide you through law school and to ultimately prepare for the Bar Exam. The practice starts now!

Subjects tested will include civil procedure, contract law (including Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code), evidence, torts, business associations (including agency), constitutional law (including proceedings before administrative agencies), criminal law and constitutional protections of accused persons, and real property.

The skills the Next Gen Bar Exam will assess have been expanded to include legal research, investigation and evaluation, client counseling and advising, negotiation and dispute resolution, and client relationship and management.

The expansion of skills testing will require development of new question types. As a result, the current bar exam format will be retired in the coming years, and a new format, featuring integrated sets of questions (likely a combination of short-answer, multiple-choice, and longer legal drafting questions) is in development.