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Academic Support

Programs & Materials for Law Schools & Legal Educators

Provide superior academic support by adding Essential Elements to your programs. We partner with Law Schools to provide subscription accounts, tutoring support, and consulting services.

Our rare combination of talent in legal education and instructional design allows us to create engaging online materials, courses, and programs specifically designed for student engagement & success.

Why Choose Us?

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. There are thousands of materials available online. However, not all are created equally and can be difficult to navigate. With E2, your students will engage only with notable, well respected legal educators, providing organized and reliable materials. How can we help?

Programs for Academic Support & Success - LAW PASS

LAW PASS subscriptions are encouraged for new JD Students.


  • Orientation: The program begins with Orientation, guided by Professor Dennis Tonsing, Author of "1000 Days to the Bar: But The Practice Begins Now." Students develop the academic and analytical skills needed to succeed in law school, including case briefing, IRAC, outlining, and other important study skills. 
  • 1L PASS: The program continues with 1L PASS, which is designed to complement the first-year curriculum. It is guided by Professor Meredith Muller. She has has consolidated her methods into her latest book, Essential Elements: Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law and brings them to life in our 1L Program!
  • Upper Division: Course specific resources are also included in our subscription plans for your Upper Division student support needs.

Private Tutoring Program

Allow student access to our private tutoring program and live workshops by purchasing tutoring hours for student use.

Students may use the hours as allowed by your school to review and practice with our private tutors. All E2 tutors have backgrounds in legal education and/or bar review.

License our Courses

Popular E2 Courses and Materials are available for licensing, including:

  • 1L Proficiency Course and Exam, designed to ensure the proficiency of 1L students before matriculating into 2L.
  • First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSE) Review Course, designed for California Students subject to the FYLSE, or "Baby Bar Exam."
  • Faculty Training Course, designed to teach best practices for both traditional and online legal education.

Faculty Assistance, Recruitment, Training and Certification

Partner with E2 to assist your faculty hiring and management needs. Our team includes a former Dean of Faculty with decades of experience in faculty hiring, training, and management.

We know that faculty workloads and staffing are challenging.Let us help!

  •  Lighten the workload by connecting with reliable, E2 trained and certified Teaching Assistants (TAs) 
  • Quickly fill your adjunct teaching needs with a pool of  qualified candidates, vetted by our staff.  
  • Learn Best Practices for online legal educators by enrolling in our faculty training course, created by a pioneering online law school dean.

If you are a legal educator and would like to be considered for inclusion in our pool of faculty candidates and teaching Assistants, please contact us for more information. 

Special Projects & Consulting Services

Need a consult or help with a special project? Our team is available to assist with  content creation, curriculum development, outcome mapping, instructional design, and academic support (obviously!) 

E2 Special Project Examples

  • Transitioned a traditional ABA law school to online learning platform during Covid
  • Assisted with creation of an Executive JD Program for an online law school.
  • Supplemented formal bar review program with tutoring assistance.
  • Consulted with law schools facing ABA and Accretitation issues.
  • Developed materials and "Hein Online Training Course" for a popluar legal education website.
  • Drafted essays, sample answers, MBE questions & explanations for a well known Bar Review Program.