E2 Academic Resources For Law Students

E2 offers both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. We help launch new law students towards a strong start and offer helping hands to students seeking a more successful law school journey.

There's no need to wade through thousands of videos and materials to piece your study together. Our programs and resources are guaranteed to be reliable and will help you study more effectively and efficiently. Whether you need an organized review of the substantive law, private tutoring, writing assistance, or reliable study aids, you're in the right place! 

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Live Workshops

Join our scheduled live workshops to engage and practice your skills in our Zoom classroom. Subscribe to our blog to receive announcements of upcoming events. Otherwise, keep an eye on the schedule for topics of interest. All Substantive and Skills Workshops are recorded and made available to our monthly subscribers.


Meet with a law professor or bar exam specialist for private tutoring. Prepare for final exams, work on your writing and test taking skills, study for the bar exam, or just work through your questions together.

Purchase tutoring credits for 20, 30 or 60 minute sessions and we'll schedule a time to meet!

Online Courses

Enroll in a self-paced online course to supplement your law school courses and review for final exams. Each course offers short, easy to understand videos, rule statements, written materials, study aids, and practice testing opportunities. 

Choose to enroll in one course at a time or purchase a monthly subscription to access all of our review courses.

Orientation & 1L Review Program

Learn fundamental skills with Professor Dennis Tonsing, author of "1000 Days to the Bar: But the Practice Begins Now." Learn about case briefing, IRAC, essay writing skills, and how to study efficiently & effectively.

Then, Professor Muller, author of Essential Elements: Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law, will continue to guide you through all of the E2 1L Materials and Courses, conducting live workshops along the way!

Study Tools & Practice

Use our professor created study aids to learn and review. Then, practice testing yourself with multiple choice quizzes and simulated essay exams. 

Choose from flashcards, rule statement drills, essay issue checklists, flowcharts, writing templates, sample essays, and more! 

Course & topic specific study aids are available for individual purchase and are also available to students enrolled in our online courses.

Bar Exam & FYLSE Prep

For essay testing, we'll hep you use writing templates, issue checklists, triggering facts, and common sense to practice your writing skills on our sample essays, past Bar Exam and FYLSE Essays.

Submit your answers for review, work through them with a private tutor, or attend our live essay writing workshops.

For the MBE, access hundreds of multiple choice questions and learn our tips and tricks to ace the MBE.

For the MPE, work through practice tests and be ready for whatever the exam throws your way! 

When should you start?

It’s never too late to start, but we encourage students to enroll as soon as they enter law school. Doing so allows the opportunity to supplement your studies and practice testing as you learn new material in your law school classes.

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